Is anyone out there? Do you care about what is happening in your neighborhoods? It’s time we take notice and try to see what we can do to make a difference.

Sex Trafficking is not just an international issue, it’s happening right here in our own backyards. Selling Seattle’s Teens, is not an easy subject, nor is it one that can be ignored. Take the time to get a glimpse of this rapidly growing form of slavery. Sex trafficking means big business, its earning tons of money for those individuals who we think of as “Pimps” but it’s also earning millions of dollars for actual business as well. The internet is the number one place to sell our youths in the United States, because its fast, easy and there is no real threat of exposure or being caught by the authorities. Companies like craigslist.com and backpage.com, are two major sites that don’t seem to care much about the disgusting practices of those that are using their site to resell people. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Let’s get the word out and make a difference, because this could happen to anyone, not just some stranger who you don’t have to think about, because it can be your sister, your niece, your daughter, your neighbor, your son, and so on. It’s time to get scared….


To be honest, I took this class because I was hoping to learn more about the phenomenon of Blogging. I am particularly challenged when it comes to the use of technology, so setting up and operating a blog seemed extremely daunting. Never the less I signed up anyways!

For starters blogging is not as easy as I thought it would be, I mean aside from the technological stand point. Constantly having to have something to say, is pretty intense. Especially for me, I tend to speak very little. I was hoping that since this was expressing yourself through writing that it would be easier for me, but it wasn’t. I just don’t feel like I really have anything of importance to discuss and share with the world, especially not on a daily basis. I like everything I learned in class and feel pretty comfortable that I am able to operate a blog, but I most likely won’t end up doing it. Maybe once I feel like I have a really interesting topic that can be carried out as a theme, then I will go back to being a blogger. For now, it was a short run, but a fun one at that! I do have a greater appreciation of blogs and the work the authors put into them now. And it makes me love my favorite even more. Let me tell you about it…

One of my favorites is Smitten Kitchen. It’s an amazing food blog, where Deb does everything, the cooking, the photography and the writing. She explains the food in great detail and even gives a little story to go with it. She takes photos to show the process as well, which being a visual person I find really helpful. I also love that with the stories you learn about her life and get to know her family as well, her husband Alex and their son Nate. It’s almost like we are friends, even though we have never meet! There isn’t a recipe I have tried that I haven’t loved, and I have tried a lot. This is my go to blog for food ideas, the only time I really get a recipe from somewhere else is if she hasn’t tried it yet. She does and tries everything. You will find dinner, lunch, breakfast, baby food, desserts, wedding cakes and the list just goes on. I will also admit that using her receipt’s has gotten me the reputation of being a great cook. I know I had cooking abilities before finding her blog, but using her tips, strategies and overall guidance, I think its help put me as a favorite dinner table for my friends and family to fill their bellies!

Another thing I really love is how simple and direct the blog is. There isn’t all that extra clutter and fluffy stuff you find on some blogs. Everything is exactly where it should be in accordance to organization! The titles of the categories are great too, I find that they fit with the whole Smitten theme she has going. The most amazing part of the site is the Surprise Me section. You just click and it sends you something awesome, and you can just keeping clicking Surprise Me and you never get the same thing twice. It makes me so giddy, which is weird, I hate surprises in real life! This just makes cooking fun and it keeps you on your toes.

There isn’t anything I would say that I don’t like about Smitten Kitchen. Well maybe besides we need more recipes, but she tends to post something new every week. I would love to get mulptile posts in a week…but I mean I guess I can’t expect her to have a life outside this blog. So it’s understandable that we just get one!

Overall I think this blog rocks and it makes my stomach very happy, and there almost isn’t anything better than that!

In the article “Playing with politics: Political fans and Twitter faking in post-broadcast democracy,” Jason Wilson discusses the concept of what he calls a “news junkie.” These news junkies make up over half the population of adults and a good portion of those get their news information through media outlets that aren’t what would be deemed traditional. He also uses the parallel of sports to discuss his insights about the news junkies.

It was interesting when he was pointing out how much information sports fans will gather tons of statistics and facts about their “teams” and by doing this they think that it will help the outcomes. These are all about the behaviors that fans take in order to support their favorable teams. Sports have a large draw on most of the adult male population, and they will do just about anything to get their up-to-date facts. There is now a huge following of these sports blogs that are popping up all over the internet. I wonder how the political world would change if people invested as much of that “fandom” into staying on top of politics.

In the article “Why Blog:(then and now): exploring the motivations for blogging by popular American political bloggers” the authors discuss the impact that political bloggers are having on the public opinion’s view points about politics. I found this article interesting because political blogs, in my opinion, are probably less biased then news outlet’s like Fox or CNN. Bloggers are informed about the information they are putting out there and having the ability to read multiple blogs will allow people to see both sides of every equation.

Most of the political bloggers currently out their publishing articles said that they do this because they wanted to present an alternative to the information that is put out by the traditional media coverage. These bloggers are also not trying to get rich off of their opinions, they just want to make sure there are well-rounded insights out there so that people can make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing a political party or taking a stance on a political issue.

Politics are such an interesting topic. People always feel very strongly about their political beliefs and viewpoints. Trying to have conversations about politics with friends or family can either be a good conversation or turn into a horrible situation. I feel like a majority of the older generations probably get their information from traditional media outlets and younger generations seek their information from the non-traditional outlets. These blogs can help bridge that gap within those conversations. I tend to think of things one-sided, I am guilty just like most other people. It is hard to change your opinion after anyone conversation, but I think that if we really want to get somewhere in this world we are going to need to have those conversations and be willing to open up or minds and see how the other side of the picture might actually look.

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Boyer, Debra, 2008, Who Pays the Price: Assessment of Youth Involvment in Prostitution in Seattle, City of Seattle Human Rights Services Department. I plan on using this piece as a means to show what is happening in Seattle right now. This will also give me a good basis of facts to use to show the crimes that are being committed.

Boyer, Debra, 2011, View Town Hall Forum – In Our Backyard: A Closer Look at Sex Trafficking of Local Girls, Seattle Channel Videos. I plan on using this video as an updated account of the laws that are now being changed in Seattle and the programs that are being created to help the victims.

Brodeur, Nicole, 2012, Waging War on Human Trafficking, The Seattle Times.  I plan on using this source to show what is currently happening in Seattle to help combat the problem of Sex Trafficking. This is a fairly recent article.

Heath, Sarah, 2011, Rape for Profit: new film highlights alarming facts on Seattle Sex Trade, North Seattle Sarah. This site is a interesting blog because it shows what is happening in the neighborhoods in Seattle so that people can see what is happening in their community. The movie it is discussing is really interesting and shows alarming facts, which will be great to incorporate into my paper.

Raymond, Janice and Huges, Donna, 2001, Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States, Coalition Against Trafficking of Women. I plan on using this source as a background for what is happening in the rest of the United States to give a better understand of the numbers and situations within King County.

Reed, Wanda, 2010, Slaves Among Us: Human Trafficking in the Seattle Area, Seattle Woman Magazine, Caliope Publishing Company. This is a great article because it shows how the world’s trafficking issues are playing a role in the issues that you are finding in Seattle.


On my blog it appears that I have two different fonts that are being used. The main one is the same for the titles and the names and writing style on the main part of the blog. The second font is used on the side margins where you find my different categories, this font is in all cap’s and it tends to be a little more fancy that the typical writing font I have on my page. After the lecture in Kane Hall on Wednesday, I think that my page is a little boring when you look at the typeface used. I never really notice things like fonts nor do I put much weight on them. The lecture helped point out that there is a whole world out there of fonts, and that falling back on the typical is failing to notice the beautiful.

The lecture in Kane was definitely eye-opening. I never knew that it took that long to create new fonts. To be honest I didn’t even that it was people who came up with these new fonts. I kind of just thought that it was computer generated. I looked through my work computer and noticed that in the font section I have over 300 options, and I have never used more than the typical Times, Arial and Garamond fonts. I know I am pretty boring now and that I need to open up my use of fonts.

I didn’t really get that there was a difference between typeface and fonts, as you can see above in reading this posting. I was so lost when I went to the lecture. I had no idea what the subject matter was regarding. By definition typeface is the representation or interpretation of a set of characters, it has to do with their appearance. So in order to create a font which is the whole alphabet made up in one single typeface, you must have a completed typeface created.

I really love Bradley font, I used this font for a tattoo and think it’s both smooth and interesting. This would be my personal font option. For a business site I would want to use Bakersfield, because I find it easy to read and simple in its context.

I have never used Flickr nor have I ever really even looked at this site. And to be honest I have never really heard of it before this class. So for me this week was a new experience….

Why would this be the site one would choose for posting their photographs?

Is this site just for professional style photography to share or do you find more people using it just to post personal photos for others to view?

I found most of these photos to be amazing, and a lot of them I would want to have framed and on my walls, but is this not something that Flickr allows? Are the pictures just for viewing or do people allow the download or purchase of the photos they are sharing?